Windows XP Media Center Edition setup, how to setup media center

Windows XP Media Center setup

Windows XP Media Center Edition Install, Reinstall, upgrade, parallel install, and compatibility guides are located here


Before you begin Make sure you have installed all your drivers and downloaded all of WinXP Media Center's updates.

To setup the Media Center for XP MCE first click on start, then "Media Center" as per image below.

If you get a display error at this point then your graphics card is not installed with its correct drivers, or may need upgraded. Exit and rectify.

To begin the Wizard click "Next" to continue.

This part just explains the process, click "Next" to continue.

Now the "Privacy Policy", click "Next" to continue after reading.

Now you will be asked if "Media Center" will be allowed to connect to the internet, this is usually for album covers and music related information. Select the option you prefer "Yes" (Recommended) for automatic connection "No" for no connection. Click "Next" after selection to continue.

Now your "Internet Connection" type, is it always on? or do you have to dial into it? select "Yes" if its always on, otherwise select "No", press "Next" to continue after your selection.


You will now be asked to test the connection, this will configure Media center for connection to the net. Click "Test" to continue.

IF your Network card/Modem/Router is not connected then the following error will appear "No Internet Access", this can be setup again in the "Settings" option of the Media Center. Click Next to continue.

That's the end of the "Component" setup, click " Next" to continue.

Now the "Optional Setup", Select "Optimize hoe Media Center looks......" and then click "Next"

Now click "Next" to continue at the "Display Configuration" menu.

Now select the display you will using "Media Center" through most, click "Next" to continue (Make sure you are using this display.)

Now select the connection type.

Composite connection

S-Video connection

DVI connection

VGA connection

YPbPr connection

Click "Next" to continue.

Now screen adjustment, select "Preview Automatic Adjustments" for Media Center to setup your display, you don't have to accept them, alternatively select "Keep my current settings", click "Next" after selection to continue.

If you selected "Automatic adjustments" then the following screen will appear. If you are happy with settings click "Yes" to continue, if not select "No", if screen goes all weird or does nothing the wait 20 seconds and old settings will return. After selection click "Next" to continue.

One of the Major attractions of Windows XP MCE is the Large Fonts when using it through projector or TV. You should switch them on if your Medium of output is one of these. The Fonts will only be large in the Media Center. Now make your selection and press "Next" to continue.

Now the "Adjust Your Display Settings" option, select and click "Next" to continue, alternatively you may end the wizard at this point.

Now the "Display Calibration" Wizard, this will involve several tests and steps to complete, go through each section one by one. When completed click "Next" to go top next step.

Now you are at the "Speaker setup" section, select "Setup Speakers" to continue, alternatively you may select "I am finished" to complete wizard, select "Next" after selection.

Now the "Set up your speakers" wizard, click "Next" to continue.

Now select your speaker type.

2 Speakers

5.1 surround sound speakers

7.1 surround sound speakers

and click on "Next" to continue.

Once speaker type has been selected the option to Test them appears. Click "Test" to continue.

You will now hear sound from each of your speakers, if you hear sound click on the appropriate button, and click "Next" to continue. if not select the "I did not hear" option.

All is done, select "Finish" speaker setup to continue.

Setup of "Optional settings" is complete, click on "I am finished" the "Next" to complete.

You are done, click on "Finish"....

You are now back to the main screen, test your settings now, or exit to the desktop.


Setup Complete

Click here for main menu




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